We carry out routine maintenance of products purchased in our company, including:

  • Fuel filters replacement;
  • Oil filters replacement;
  • Oil change;
  • Replacement of other consumable materials or other structures that are subject to wear and tear;
  • Repair of equipment.

It is necessary to know that the list and schedule of works performed by us varies depending on equipment’s type.

Technical assistance and consulting

In the KRINXXI’s service center you can always get necessary technical assistance and professional advices to your questions.

Our specialists in the Service Center will answer all your questions by phone. If necessary, our service maintenance can also come to you for installation of equipment, consulting and troubleshooting.

The service maintenance of KRINXXI can solve quickly any problems and answer all technical questions!

Spare parts and components

Our authorized center offers a wide range of wide spread spare parts, which allows us to carry out high quality repairs.

Also, our center has a balanced system of supply of components and spare parts directly from the manufacturer. Even in the absence of any components at our warehouse, availability of such components is in the shortest terms.

Technical inspection, diagnostics and repair of equipment is carried out only by our highly qualified technical staff. The staff of our authorized center has a great experience in working with equipment and power tools. We provide warranty for performed works and sold spare parts.