Payment to courier in cash

Upon receipt of the order you pay to the courier in cash. Along with the order you receive a set of documents and the sales receipt (this type of payment is available only for customers of Almaty).

Cash payment at the Company’s office

It is carried out in case of self delivery of the goods and after actual receipt. Once the ordered product is acknowledged, and the Internet-shop’s operator has informed you about that, you may come to our office, pay for the order and pick it up.

Online payment through debit cards

Through the online Center of authorization and processing payments through debit card you can make payment with any types of credit cards of International Payment Systems. The system will automatically redirect you to the page of E-PAY electronic payments to enter the card’s data. Please, follow instructions of the page. After you make sure that data fields of your banking card and E-mail have been filled correctly, you will have to push the button «Make payment». The notice about the made payment will be sent to the E-mail, pointed out on that page. After payment’s completion you may leave the page or get back to the Internet-shop, having pushed the relevant button. Receipt of notice about successful payment DOES NOT MEAN REMOVAL FUNDS FRO THE CARD; it means only blocking the amount of the order in favor of the shop. Later, depending on results of the order processing, the amount is removed from the card (upon presence of the product and the customer’s acknowledging the order), or annulled (upon absence of the product).

Bank transfer

If you choose this method of payment, you may pay for the order made in the «KRINXXI» Internet-shop at any bank (1 to 3 banking days). At the bank cash department you will be offered to fill up the form, in which you will need to point out your personal data (you will need your ID for this), details of the «KRINXXI» LLP’s account and the amount, which will include the product’s value. After transferring funds you will need to notify the Internet-shop’s operator by any method (by the phone or E-mail), when the payment has been made (full name, date of transfer, number of the order, the order’s amount). After confirmation of the payment the product will be delivered to you by the chosen method of delivery.

Payment for goods by legal entities

Payment in cash

Upon receipt of your order, you pay to the courier in cash, or, if you chose «self delivery», you pay in cash to the accountant-cashier at the company’s office (for customers of Almaty city). Along with the order, the courier (manager) will give you all necessary accounting documents (invoice, bill, fiscal receipt). Upon receipt of your order you will have to put your company’s stamp on the second copies of documents, and then return these copies.

Non-cash payment

If you choose this method of payment, the Internet-shop’s operator will submit you an account. You will have to transfer funds to the current account of the «KRINXXI» Internet-shop. To receive the goods and accounting documents, you need to send a copy of the power of attorney to the shop’s E-mail or by fax +7(727)245-62-93. The accounting documents (invoice, bill) will be put in your order. Upon receipt of the order you need to put your company’s stamp on the second copies of the documents, and return these copies.