The Internet-shop of «KRINXXI» offers you the following types of delivery:

Courier service

This delivery costs 1000 KZT. The delivery is made by the own delivery service courier to the address pointed out in the order, to your apartment’s door. After the arrival of the courier, you have to check the box for damages and signs of opening. If the goods are delivered properly you need to put your signature on the bill.

*The delivery is carried out within the administrative boundaries of Almaty city.

Self delivery

You can pick up the goods from the retail shop yourself, having preliminarily specified its presence at the operator of the Internet-shop. After arriving to the retail shop, you need to name the number of the order and present a document proving your identity.

Alemtat long-distance delivery service

If you choose to make delivery by Alemtat, the delivery is made to the address, which you pointed out when processing the order, according to the principle «from door to door».

*The final value of delivery and its approximate terms are pointed out during the order processing.


Attention! If for some reason you wish to change the time of the order’s receipt, you must notify the Internet-shop’s operator by the phone +7(727)245-62-94, or send a mail to: You may cancel your order before its transfer to the delivery service. In case of cancellation at the time of actual receipt of the order, or cancellation when the order has been transferred to the delivery service, then you will have to pay the delivery cost (in accordance with Part 3 of p. 450 of the CC of RK, Part 5 of p .25 of the Law of RK «About regulation of commercial activities»). If you have any questions, you may contact us by the phone +7(727)245-62-94 or through E-mail: