Buying products at the «KRINXXI» Internet-shop, you purchase original and certified products that comply with high quality standards of world famous brands.

All products bought at our company are provided with the official warranty. The warranty period depends on manufacturers of products.

Warranty terms

The seller is obliged to make a free warranty repair of equipment out of order due to the manufacturer’s fault, within the warranty period pointed out in the warranty card. The warranty card is the only document, which gives the right of free warranty maintenance. If you lose the warranty card, it will not be restored.

The warranty maintenance and repair of products, complying with all requirements and standards of the manufacturer, are carried out in the Republic of Kazakhstan only at service centers of «KRINXXI» LLP. Addresses and contact phone numbers of service centers you can get at the place of your purchase, and on the website’s link or by the phone 245-62-94.

The equipment will be accepted for replacement only upon presence of the warranty card, a payment document, confirming your purchase of the equipment, upon absence of mechanical damages and signs of unauthorized opening. The serial number shown on the package must correspond to the serial number of the equipment.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Mechanical damages (splits, chips, scratches etc.) and damages caused by exposure of corrosive mediums, high humidity and temperatures, contacts with foreign objects, and damages occurred due to improper use of the equipment.
  • Products with defects occurred due to overloading (which caused malfunction of the rotor and stator etc), non-observance of operating instructions or improper use.
  • Natural wear and tear of the equipment (exhaustion, severe internal or external contamination).
  • Parts that are subject to natural wear and tear (carbon brushes, tooth belts, rubber seals, gaskets, safety covers, raster bushes, grease, guiding rollers, and bearings that do not have any signs of being defective etc)
  • Removable accessories (chucks, collets, tires, sprockets etc.) and operating accessories (saws, drills, angle cutters, saw blades etc)
  • Equipment, which was disassembled or repaired during the warranty period not by «KRINXXI» LLP.
  • Equipment with removed, erased or altered serial number.
  • Preventive maintenance of equipment, for example: cleaning, washing, greasing etc.
  • Battery packs completely exhausted.

The right for warranty maintenance is lost in the following cases:

  • if warranty stickers of the manufacturer or the service center are absent of damaged;
  • if the equipment’s defects are caused by violation of instructions of use, storage and transportation, pointed out in the manual and technical datasheet of the equipment;
  • if defect are caused by improper connection of peripheral devices or improper installation of accessories, which led to malfunction of electronic components and boards;
  • if repairs, maintenance and modernization of the equipment were made by unauthorized persons;
  • if defects are caused by direct or indirect action: mechanical forces, chemical, thermal or physical actions, radiation, corrosive or neutral liquids, gases, and any other external factors of artificial or natural origin.

Defective parts are the property of the Seller and shall not be returned

When carrying out the warranty repair (replacement of accessories), the warranty period is extended for the period of the equipment’s being at the service center.

If defects are related to untimely carrying out preventive actions, the Seller’s service center reserves the right to refuse to perform warranty maintenance.

In case of the customer’s submitting a warranty equipment, which does not have defects declared by the customer, the Seller’s service center reserves the right to charge for diagnostics and testing in accordance with the price list of this service center.

All products shall have regular maintenance. The maintenance workshop operates in accordance with the current rates of the service center. Defects detected during maintenance, which are covered by the warranty, are eliminated free of charge; non-warranty defects – to be agreed with the consumer.
The customer is obliged to pick up the product within 15 calendar days since the date of notice about completion of repairs. After 15 calendar days from the date of the notice about the repairs’ completion, the maintenance service of «KRINXXI» LLP charges the Customer for keeping the product 5% of the repair amount for each day of keeping, and after 90 calendar days since the notice – utilizes the product without any compensation to the Customer.

The Seller does not guarantee that the purchased product complies with requirements and expectations of the Customer. The responsibility for the right choice of goods lies on the Customer.

The Seller and its partners under no circumstances shall be responsible for any damages (including all, without limitation, losses of profit, losses of business information, or any other losses), related to use or failure to use the purchased equipment.