«KRINXXI» LLP is a professional team, which provides career growth and self-fulfillment, having a well-built system of motivation, training and development, and the corporate spirit — this all allows us to discover new professional horizons.

Advantages of working at «KRIN XXI» LLP

  • Working at the leading company, which develops intensively and successfully in the Kazakhstan market;
  • Free and open intercourse. All information both about achievements and failures is brought to all personnel’s notice;
  • A huge degree of independence and responsibility at work. With efficient business-processes, we work not only according to established procedures, but seek for flexible innovative solutions;
  • Opportunity to work in a highly professional team of associates;
  • Attractive pay and benefits package, stability and confidence in the future.

Work of «KRINXXI» LLP is very intense and requires the best value. At the same time, this is compensated with career growth and wealth. The company welcomes in every way sound ambitions, if they are confirmed with necessary professional achievements.

The company’s personnel have stable wages with benefits packages for all employees, including various bonuses and grants.

Non-financial motivation of «KRIN XXI» LLP

In order to organize and maintain favorable staff morale in the company, and to bring up the staff’s sense of loyalty to corporate unity, our company uses non-financial incentives of encourage:

  • career growth;
  • expression of gratitude for good working;
  • free training at the company;
  • provision of opportunity to improve professional skills;
  • annual corporate special events for the company’s staff.

«KRIN XXI» LLP benefits package

  • fixed working schedule;
  • three meals a day;
  • corporate cellular;
  • POL compensation;
  • personnel health insurance;
  • training, professional development

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