Mission and Vision

The Mission

Formation of a new market culture. To provide the country with trade transactions with world powers, promoting peace and prosperity.

The Vision

Exemplary multi-brand operator of the country with high-quality service

The new market culture proposes:

  • Extirpation of «grey» and «black» supply channels;
  • Formation of «transparent» market, clear and understandable picture of consumption, obtaining public information and accountancy;
  • Formation of controlled and «transparent» financial channels;

In turn, this mission has a significant social and economic role for the country:

  • Extirpation of «black» financial schemes of products importation;
  • Increase of the taxation basis, increase of revenues to the state treasury;
  • A clear prediction of the economical performance in the market of tools and equipment (consumption, production, price level etc.);
  • Increase of work places (reduction of unemployment);

From the point of view of foreign partners, this mission also has a number of advantages:

  • Increases in supplies;
  • Reduction of illegal schemes of distribution;
  • Openness of the market and predictability of production;
  • Improvement of economic relationships between partners, which in its turn, increases the volume of trade turnover between countries and, as a consequence, improvement of macroeconomic relationships between countries (i.e. the political level);